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Privacy Policy

A Balloon K.K. considers the protection of personal information among its highest priorities, and therefore recognizes its corporate responsibility in the safe handling and protection of such personal information. In deference to privacy concerns, the following policy governs the appropriate handling, management and storage of personal information as stipulated under Japanese Law.

Definition of Personal Information
“Personal Information” means information that specifies and identifies a living individual such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, academic history, work history, employer name, or other description or identifying number, symbol or information that will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual. Also, this includes descriptions of such companies and occupations as encountered in the course of conducting employment placement activities.

Acquisition of Personal Information
Regarding the acquisition of personal information, the objective for acquiring such information will be explained verbally or in writing to the person in question. After their understanding and consent are received, personal information will be collected by legal and fair means.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
In principle, the personal information will be used in line with the business operations of A Balloon K.K., or for providing related information pursuant to such operations.
A Balloon K.K. will not provide such personal information it possesses to any company or third party without the consent of the individual in question.

Changes and Erasure of Personal Information
n case of requests for changes, confirmation, erasure, etc. of personal information, only after confirmation that the requesting party is the individual in question or a duly appointed trustee of the person in question, will the request be handled by appropriate means. It is possible to make contact via telephone or e-mail.

Management of Personal Information
Regarding the management of personal information, regular updating of such personal information for accuracy will be maintained and safely managed. To ensure against the loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of such personal information, A Balloon K.K. takes all appropriate security precautions against unauthorized computer access or penetration. Thorough education of A Balloon K.K. directors and employees is conducted, and A Balloon K.K. promises to guard against any employee taking such personal information out of the company or making unauthorized use of such personal information.